AntiSpam woes

Hi, Just for the record, had real problems with installing and running AntiSpam last night. Up until 3am getting my system back to rights.

Using the firewall which is very impressive. Have added the banner logo to my emails to spread the word. Thank you.

However, if you have any pointers on what went wrong with Comodo antiSpam installation I would be very interested.

Running XP Home fully updated. Installing the antispam program appears to have affected the firewall and had a knock on effect of stopping my virus scanner from loading properly.

Downloading emails through my email client became very slow. On restart I got system freezes and crashes. It got to the point where I had to resort to safe mode to try to uninstall the program. This did not work. So had to perform selective start up to stop the programs which appeared to be conflicting, from running.

When I did finally uninstall the antispam software, it left behind common start up entries that I had to remove manually. Eventually had to uninstall the firewall as well to get rid of these for the antispam program.

I like the idea of the way the program works very much but will have to think carefully before ttrying it again.

Virus scanner is ESET NOD 32.

Also have mailwasher installed but had disabled that from running at startup before installation.

If I do give it another try I too would like to see some improvements to useability.

  • I would like to be able to remove email accounts in Comodo itself (or be able to choose which email accounts to import).

  • I would like to see all the emails quarantined in the same list for all accounts as this makes reviewing a number of accounts at the same time much much easier.

Thanks very much for the free firewall.
I found that column filters did not work for me - which was strange.