Antispam not working with Antivirus

OK - here’s the story. I installed Comodo Antispam and after a bit of wrestling got it working OK (yes - evern with Thunderbird!). I then installed Comodo Antivirus and guess what - Antispam no longer wants to play. I now have an inbox full of garbage - but at least CAV tells me it’s clean. I’m prepared to entertain the outrageous view that I may have messed up on the install and/or configuration - but I’ve no idea where. Any suggestions?


Talking to myself - but perhaps it may helps others who have the same problem …

I tried various favours of reboot etc. with no joy so uninstalled AntiSpam (rebooted) and re-installed (and rebooted) and all now seems fine again. Ah - the joys of using beta software! (:TNG)

Same thing here. Once I uninstalled/reinstalled Antispam it started working ok.


I think your best course of action is to visit Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Please post any feedback here, if you can. Thanks.