2 ask Comodo Internet Security 4.1.Has Comodo Internet Security version 4 anti phishing? And in version 5, a Webscanner? Thanks for reply.
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  1. No

  2. No

Comodo does offer the use of their Secure DNS in both versions.


You can add Comodo Verification Engine to have some protection against phishing.


you can add WOT with Vengine … very good results

Like Web Shield in avast free or Web Guard in Avira paid?
Or like AVG LinkScanner or Finjan?

I know many disable web shiled in Avira paid, because it terribly slows down internet.
I used many programs with web shield, like Avira, KIS, NOD 32, Avast. The best shield that least slowed down my internet was in AVAST AV, but still the fastest internet i have with CIS and i love it and i take the answer that CIS doesn’t need any web-guard or web-shield . I like CIS without it and i trust in it level of protection

i think a webshield is a good idea. i know comodo’s philosophy of not implementing webshield. but i have read in many reviews that the antivirus app detected the threat and said that the threat was quarantined but the threat was actually found running. so its better to stop the threat at the time of download itself. so i think a webshield is a good idea.


Web shield can slow down the performance of your pc without adding much on security… If Comodo adds a web shield, i bet i’m going to read everyday comments about how much slow the CIS is and complains…

This is just not true.
In fact, one of the most common ways of infection.

Or just Google a little…

OK you’re right and the number of infected sites on MDL proves it too, but CIS will catch them if they start download on the users pc.

If u use HIPS(host based intrusion detection system) u don’t have any problem…CIS can catch it… Let’s assume that u download a virus…The virus (or the threat in general), in order to harm u, IT MUST BE RUNNING (are u going to double click on it or it is going to run by itself?)… I have tried to test many unknown threats …believe me, all the programs that based on HIPS, catched the unknown threat. That’s why i say web shield doesn’t add much on security because if u know what to do, u don’t have any problem. I trust Defence + (and applications like Defence +) more than signature based antivirus (any signature based antivirus with web shield) because it can prevent zero day threats (unknown threats) without any slow down. What’s the point to use web shield if u download a threat which a priori can’t be able to harm u?

On the other hand, i suggest that comodo should develop a WOT service , Mcafee Siteadvisor or AVG linkscanneror or sth like that and it’s good idea to add it to Vengine

You can check a site you are doubtful about