Antimalware updater encountered an error and needs to close (v.4.27) [Resolved]

I am a computer tech and often attempt to install BOClean (v.4.27) on clients computers. At least one half of the installs (all Win XP machines) end with this error: “Comodo BOClean. Antimalware updater encountered an error and needs to close.” This is frustrating because, apart from this problem, it is a great program. I’ve searched the forums but have not found a solution.

All of the computers have either Win XP sp2 or sp3 installed with either Avira or AVG antivirus and are using either IE6 or IE7. All user accounts are administrative. Rarely will uninstalling and reinstalling BOClean resolve the problem. Does anyone know whats happening here?

Hi tcspecialist, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A few shots :

  • Is this the only error message you get ?

  • Did you try the Updater from the Start menu ?

  • Did you try to change the default update " 4 minutes after bootup " in 6 - 10 minutes ?

Greetz, Red.

Hi Red,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, this is the only error message.

I’ve tried the Start Menu updater…same results… and have tried putting the updater in the “Startup” folder.

BOClean is by default set to "Check for update every 24 hours, beginning 10 minutes after bootup. Are you saying to change the 10 minutes option to 4 minutes?

FYI: the error occurs when BOClean first asks to get updates, during installation, and afterwards, whether automatically or manually.

Could rebooting first instead of allowing BOClean to initially, at the end of installation, get updates be a solution?

The default setting is “Check for update every 24 hours, beginning 4 minutes after bootup.” And I know 2 cases where a 6 - 10 minutes setting solved an automatic updating issue after booting. But this seems to be another problem.

  • Did you exclude the possibilety of another realtime security program interfering and causing a corrupt install of BOClean ?

And although Shady Bimmers problem seems to be a different than yours, you could try his tip to solve it :

  • Shady Bimmers uninstall/reinstall method :

Greetz, Red.

You’ve given me some ideas to try. I have a machine I’ll finish working on tommorrow that recently had this problem. I will let everyone know tommorrow evening if I find a solution.

Thanks for your help.


[Problem resolved]

After trying several solutions, including those suggested in similar forums, and after attempting to install BOClean in “Safe Mode with Networking,” I’ve found the problem.

-The problem was not a corrupt installer
-The problem was not interference from another security program
-The problem was not caused by a corrupt update
-The problem was not an automatic update setting

[OK, I’ll get on with it and tell you]

The problem was…[Drum rolll please]

BOClean for some reason does not like being installed from a USB flash drive. The problem is not the flash drive. I use it to install several other utilities.

When attempting to install it from the flash drive, it would kick out the updater error but iwhen I copied the installer to the “Desktop” and installed it, everything worked fine.

[FYI: the flash drive is a Kingston 1 GB]

What stumped me was the fact that the problem was not occurring all the time. Another thing to consider would be whether or not the USB port into which I was inserting the flash drive on a particular computer was 1.0 or 2.0. The flash drive I am using is 2.0. Would this be a problem with BOClean? It is not a problem with about 100 other programs I use on the flash drive.

Anyway, I hope this will be of help to others out there.

Thanks Rednose for your suggestions.


Hi tcspecialist :slight_smile:

Thnx for the update. This is a new one for me too :wink:

Greetz, Red.