Antimalware Program

Hi i wont a antimalware app, had probs with Malwarebytes so can any of you nice men suggest something for me please and i dont mind a retail app, so any help please ?


Ummmmm - CIS??? :slight_smile: The free version is good back up for on-demand scans.

Hi Cindy,

There is no such one product that has it all for those types of scans. I always combine a few scanners if things are infected.

Normally i would have advised MBAM but you had trouble with that, may i ask what went wrong ?
Also like Matty posted SuperAntiSpyware is good. You could try the good old Spybot search & destroy also.
But if you suspect rootkit behavior then it’s also worth a try to run Gmer or Rootrepeal.

A commercial would be PC Tools Spyware Doctor, and you can also check out this site for more info:


what antimalware? hehehe

CIS AV covers all kinds of malware.
if you don’t use CIS, then perhaps an AV like avast or a standalone antispyware like spyware terminator and don’t forget we always have BOClean.

who’s yer daddy?

Malwarebytes at the moment is having issues. I solved it though. Since last update when you enable real time mbam protection it conflicts with other internet security programs. They are working on it though. All i did was disable it and did a full scan and then reenabled it.

If that was your issue. Seems to be effecting alot of folks.

Hi-ya Ganda

The prob with Malwarebytes was i paid for a ID and Key but it would not work and after talking to customer support for 3 days Malwarebytes are refunding my money (after searching the net i find quite a few others have had problems with this program, “see pics, i have covered the ID and Key in part”

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@ Matty_R thank you honey i will look at superantispyware

I have downloaded Counterspy 15 day trial (anybody used this app ?)


If you want another separate antimalware, chose one of these

  • superantispyware
  • counterspy
  • a-squared


Thank you eXPerience, i have Counterspy running now and its looking good

Well i use malwarebytes as a alternative scanner and its excellant. Im paid but i dont really use the real time protection. It conflicts with drivesentry for some ■■■■ reasons.

But i will admit ive read alot of issues with registering though so good luck.

then why not use the free one? ??? can’t you get any refund for it?
i see your post that you use CIS & drivesentry.
if you wanna keep drivesentry, i think you need to disable defense+ to avoid conflict. :-\

In my opionon. Free or not. If you trually love a program and support it. Then you will donate at some point. These people have to make some cash at some point. There is no trually “free” product. Without funding there would be no cis. For example Cis pro. Is how you would donate.

In that logic. I donate to malwarebytes.

kewl! :-TU