AntiError and GeekBuddy

Hey guys

I Apologise if this is been posted in the incorrect section of the forum’s, i wasnt sure what goes where :cry:


Today i booted up into windows and geekbuddy seemed to have an update, a bunch of stuff autoinstalled, and geekbuddy has a completely new interface along with a desktop icon been added to my desktop

Called “AntiError”

Now im quite suspicious of a program that updates on boot and that randomly adds a program that i cant find any info on.

So i wanted to come here and check if this is a comodo supported program or if i should be worried

Heres a screenshot of the new geekbuddy interface and this “AntiError” program

That’s the new GeekBuddy component, it looks for potential issues with your system and offers help from GeekBuddy. It’s legit.

Morphiusz is correct, AntiError is a GeekBuddy component that detects problems on your computer. It also helps our GeekBuddy technicians to automatically solve many common problems.

My Acrobat Distiller quit working and my Outlook will not log off correctly since about the same time that this was auto installed. Is it possible that there is a connection?

Quickest way to find out is to temporarily uninstall GB.