Well I am new to the Comodo products, I have to say I am very impressed with their FW and BOClean, very impressed…my question is, I have been flying around AV’s for sometime now, (avast, kaspersky, bitdefender etc) I am impressed with the Comodo HIPS…being that Comodo’s AV is still beta would you totally trust it to be your only AV? will it detect rootkits once it is out of the beta stage? and when is this beta stage going to be over? :THNK, what could they possibly be doing to improve it more? I surf some pretty nasty sites, and I want an AV that will protect me, although I have other means of protection, will Comodo’s AV be able to protect me against all the “Nasties”?


At the moment Comodo is still updating their signatures, they have a lot allready but still not enough though. But the new V3 will be much better: more signatures, less recources and BoClean integrated. If you surf nasty sites you could consider an on-demand scanner like Bitdefender free (

As far as I know Comodo isn’t going to release a public version (not beta) before the V3.

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This is a little off topic, but if you surf nasty sites the first thing you should do is blocking javascript.

Thanks for your replies, well wanted to make clear of the nasty sites, they are not really bad, just some sites others may not go I guess?

well I really can’t wait for the AV to get up and running…another question, would you suggest running comodo AV with another AV like avast at the same time?


It’s not advisable to have more than one AV resident protection, however you can have as many AVs to make on-demand or scheduled scans as soon as only one is running a resident protection.

About javascript, I block it by default and have it allowed it for the list of trusted sites that need it, it’s not bothersome.

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You’ve got some great answers above, and there are tons of threads worth reading in the CAVS section.

CAVS 2.0 beta is worth trying out, I think. The signature database is improving fast and HIPS is great. I would advice you to use BOClean at the same time, to get all those old malware signatures as well. Good luck!


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Personaly I expect that CFP 3.0 Beta ( with HIPS ) will be out of Beta earlier than the upcomming CAVS 3.0 Beta. So switch to CFP 3.0 than, and wait untill CAVS 3.0 will be out of Beta too :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend to use all OTHER free COMODO products whilst installing AVIRA free as the most reliable free AV at this moment. (until the very day of CAVS)