Anti-virus warning on safe app

I need help fixing an application launch which is detected as a virus, but actually isn’t in comodo

See here

Normally I just click add to exclusions, but everytime I launch this app it brings this window back up with a completely different *.tmp filename and this virus detection window.

How do I set comodo anti-virus to avoid this when texmod is used?

Also where is all of these add to exclusions being stored so that I can remove them after I fix this.

What application are you referring to? By the way, the link to the image doesn’t work.

If you can find the files you can report them here:

If it is a false positive it will quickly be fixed, and if it isn’t then the confirmation email will also inform you of that.

I’ll bump this thread because, sadly, it still doesn’t work…

I tried to use TexMod for Mass Effect. Here is the link with all the informations:

It seems TexMod generates a new .exe (in windows temp) to start the game with the hi-res textures, and this exe triggers an antivirus warning, it says the exe is quarantined, but there’s nothing in the quarantine list.

It seems TexMod is also used with other games.
I found another modified exe which triggers the error right away, take a look at the last link on this page:

Can you temporary disable the AV when starting up Mass Effect with TexMod. Then submit the executable in the AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting board. That’s the quickest way and you will be reported after analysis.

When submitting please follow the guidelines described in How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !.

I hope this helps.