anti virus up date


the anti virus up date don’t works
i have the follows message
how i can fix this problem
windows 7
I have re-install the CIS without results
I have scanned my pc on Male ware, no results

Fout: 0x80072ee7 - De naam of het adres van de server kan niet worden omgezet


Sorry for your problem.
Can you please uninstall CIS from Control Panel? and then restart your PC u[/u]
after restart use ‘Comodo Removal Tool’ below linked

use the ‘Comodo Removal Tool’ step by step, after all step, reboot your PC again u[/u]

and then run CCleaner and clean your junk files from your system.
After that download latest CIS version here :
Install it and run the updater, please be patient during these processes

After all, please tell me your problem solved or not.

Thank you.


I have done all the steps
it has not helped

Hi dhaemerse,
Please check that the system time/date are both correct.


what do you mean with time and date ?

the windows7 system?, date and time are correct !

Hi dhaemerse,
Yes it was the Windows time and date I was talking about.
I admit I am only stabbing in the dark as the cause of the issue.

Do you have any other real time antimalware active on the system?
Has this issue only recently started happening?
Do you know of any other recent system changes?
Check the following folder for multiple bxxxxxx.cav files.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners


1 Yes malware bytes is installed ( before the problems to )
2 yes the problem is recently 2 a3 weeks
No other changes on the system
3 this i do not understanding ( bxxxxfiles )do you mean duplicate files?
i have take a copy of the folder

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Hi dhaemerse,
Is Malwarebytes the premium version (Real time protection)?

You appear to be missing the bxxxxx.cav file, yes I thought you may of had duplicates.
I also notice your fixbase.exe file has an exclamation mark, so something is up but I am not sure what sorry.

Kind regards.

[attachment deleted by admin]

1 malware bytes is the free version 2.1.81057, real time protection are not activeted
2. the fixbase.exe : i have see this in the Word.doc, in the real folder it 's OK ???

Hi dhaemerse,
Thanks for the reply, sorry I am not to sure what is happening.
If it is any consolation, you are not alone.
Comodo update download servers are down?

Note: I have not merged the two topics even though they have similarities, because the chronological order could cause confusion.

Kind regards.

Comodo Secure DNS Service-Comodo Help

Same issue here.
Not possible update Comodo to the latest version.

Same problem with Windows 7.

When press Update botton, after 5 seconds, next messages in spanish appears:

Estado: No se pudo establecer conexión con el servidor

Tarea. Estado:
“Comprobar las actualizaciones de firmas. Error”
“Comprobar actualizaciones de la based de datos de URLs. Error”
“Comprobar actualizaciones del programa. Error”

Thanks in advance.