Anti-virus/spyware/malware for minimalists

Hi LA,

And thanks for the quick reply. I see that you’re a fellow ‘minimalist’ as well. (:WAV)

By the way, I’d be very interested to see the types of system-level applications that you are running in your machine. My current interests are:

Anti-virus/spyware/malware. What would you recommend?

Ideally, I’d like something that has a very small footprint (in terms of memory usage), fast scanning abilities with low false-positive alerts, and does not place a burden on the CPU.

I used to use NOD32 version 2.x, and it was excellent in all those respects. When I upgraded to version 3.x, I got two serious system hangups (BSOD) that forced me to reformat my drive!

Thanks again.


Hi Teletype. I’m not such a minimalist as L.A. here - I go for balance and comfortability more often, but I see a few options in your situation

CIS (Comodo Internet Security) - very light, quite fast scanning and not overly bloated (I think about 50-60 mb), but it’s not finished, so it could be buggy and the detection is not impressive now.
Avira Antivirus - Light, fast, very high detection (I suggest to go for Premium version - no adds and better protection)
Norton Antivirus 2009 … forget about it ;D Well check it on Google or Norton site if you want :wink:

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Hi minimalistic friends 8)

Currently I run only CFP, and sometimes CIS to test. Other than that, no AV, no antispyware etc. Only 12 processes running, including two for Comodo Firewall Pro.

I agree with Commodus, his tips are great. When CIS goes final, I think you’ll be very happy using it. :-TU


Thank you for your input gentlemen.

@ Commodus: I know exactly what you mean about Norton. Back in the DOS days, Peter (Norton) used to craft a great “Undelete” program. But it didn’t take long before “more useful” utilities were added to it. The result: it became a monster tool losing all its appeal to me.

@ L.A.: 12 processes !!! ? That is amazing!

I use an excellent program called PrcView – – and I can only get it to show 20 processes after slashing all the un-needed stuff!

Perhaps it’s time to share some secrets! (:TNG)


Perhaps it’s time for you to visit these threads ;D

Read these and be amazed by L.A. Ragwing, Soyabeaner and MorphOS Rebol. They take it to the next level :-TU



Wow! Thanks for the great links.

Cheers! :■■■■

Don’t mention it :wink:

Be sure to read the very first posts in the nLite thread. There’s a nice and funny guide by MorphOS Rebol. L.A. has made a guide too somewhere, but I can’t remember exactly where :-[


It’s in this topic:

It’s a bit more fanatic than nLiting. It’s far beyond the limit of the ultimate geek factor. I don’t call myself a minimalist, but I only use CFP with Defense+. I run on a limited user account. No infection at all so far. Only crashes I’ve experienced have been due to all experimenting with removing files. :wink:

EDIT: Removing unnecessary files might make you invulnerable to some malware. This is what I got when I tried to run a malware on my PC. :wink:

Hi Ragwing,

My God; and I thought I was a fanatic when it came to trimming down processes. (:TNG)

These threads will be keeping me busy for the weekend (if not longer).

Thanks so much for you everyone’s help; really appreciate it. :BNC


LOL Ragwing, that’s a great example of how a slim system can improve security. Malware can’t even run because vital Windows components are missing. ;D

Well Tele, you’ve come to the right place if you wish to discuss system setup and performance. (:NRD)


However guys, keep in mind that this topic is for recommendations about anti-malware products for minimalists. Please revive our old topic if you should wish to continue discussing how to slim/kill your XP. :wink: