Anti virus slowed system

At first I was excited about the firewall and antivirus system. I still like the firewall but I uninstalled the antivirus. It slowed my system to a crawl and I have plenty of RAM and space. As soon as I uninstalled the antivirus software, my system went back to normal. You really need to work on this.


Believe me when I say, we want to solve any issues you have more than you do :wink:

So can you pls help identify the problem so that we can solve it? As you will appreciate we need to find the bugs and the best of doing that is in their environment: eg: we test it in our environment as much as we can and its possible that we still can’t replicate the same issues you have. So we do need your help!



I had the same problem. It was so bad that every action, every click, took 5 minutes to register. Even trying to launch the Task Manager was a chore.

Yes, I noticed the same issue. There were no errors, just everything was slowed down.

If I could some information on your system it may help. OS, Processor, RAM.

Frankly I don’t see what difference the system information will make. I installed CPF and CAV on 3 machines and there were noticible slowdowns on all of them.
One was a Gateway with and AMD Athlon and 512 meg of RAM.
The second was an EMachine with a Pentium 4 and 512 meg of RAM.
The third was a home built computer, motherboard was an MSI 865PE Neo2 with 512 meg of RAM.

They all slowed down considerably although it was worse on the Gateway because it is the oldest and slowest.

Well, by system information we mean more than just your OS an ram etc.
The reason is as follows:
I have the the same combination on few machines i have CAV and CPF and it does not cause any problems and there are many others who have this and does not cause problems. Of course this does not mean that it won’t! So how do we find out whats causing it?
We first analyse to see if there is a specific application you might have that you are running that might be causing this. so its important to see what applications you might have running. Was there any AV, or Firewall you uninstalled before that might have left some nasty stuff? So what we are looking for is as much information as possible so that we can determine the cause! Imagine you are a car mechanic and someone rings you and says, “hey, my car is not working”, you have to start analysing the environment etc before you can determine the cause. We will get to the bottom of this with your help.

thanks for your help.

Melih, one of the most critical things I have found testing here is the Processor speed. If it is under a 500Mhz processor, you do see somewhat of a slow down.

(B) Lee

[b]From the top: Self- assembled computer, MSI Mainboard, P4 3.2 GHz, A Hitachi 80 GHz SATA System Disk (non partitioned) & two WD 120 GHz storage Drives 1 internal & 1 external - both partitioned, 1 GHz RAM (Ultra - PC 3200 2x512 MB). O/S - Win Xp Pro fully updated. Firewall - Zone Alarm Pro. Biggest Background Process - Google Desktop > 11,000 K mem usage.

Here’s my beef: Installed Comodo Anti-virus yesterday; no prob. I get back home tonight and my machine is slower than molasses travelling uphill on a cold day. Task Manager shows cavasm.exe using over 50% of my CPU and 39,568 K of memory – Why?!?!?!

More importantly, how do we fix this?[/b]

Good opinions otherwise. Scan engine is quicker than AVG Free

Hi Melih,

    I am having this same problem and I will be glad to give you enough system information to get whatever you need. This is not information that I want to share here because of how in depth it is, so I can email it to you or send you a link to my server where it is an html file. 


Well it seems that CAV does not like some other driver installed some machines! we are trying to track down the offending driver/application. hence we need all the information you can provide about all the drivers loaded and all the applications pls.
you can always email it to me.

I had the same problem. I have xp sp2 home, with Abit SG71 Motherbd., 2.4 processor Pent 4, with 750 mb ram. It seem to stop on one file and CPU was 100%. I went back to AVG7.1 free.