Anti-virus signature update not working

My computer is telling me that the anti-virus signature needs updating. When I try and do this it says the update has failed and to check intrnet connection and try again later. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection and I have been trying for 3 days now without success. What can I do?

Whats with the pink writing? Its impossible to read so i changed it.

Are you using the current CIS V3.XX, there has been a problem with the updating and there is now a new version being released, ver 3.9

Try later on today you should end up using version 3.9.76924.5xx

Look here


Be sure to install the latest version of CIS… If you are still have a problem, firstly, uninstall your CIS…, Scan with any registry program, close your windows firewall, and also wait for the first updates… It takes more time while it’s downloading first updates…

notify me the result…

I have just installed CIS version 3.13.121240.574 My updater doesn’t even attempt to connect and I get this error 106 no internet connection…When trying to do this initial update for the antivirus. I use Cricket wireless broadband and have no issues connecting with my browser IE. I don’t see that there is a proxy…No windows firewall or other AV on machine. Very fustrated at this point ??? >:( :-\ :-TD