Anti virus screensaver

I would like a screensaver that scans for viruses and other threats while the user is away from the computer, and therefore makes use of the idle time.

To make this useful it needs to store the variables about the state of the scan on the harddrive when it is interrupted (when the user comes back) so it don’t have to start from the beginning each time the screensaver is activated,
(to prevent the beginning of the filesystem being scanned like 1000 times while the end might be scanned like 1 time, witch is stupid)

This brings me to a second idea but I will make a new topic about that.
see here:

i like this wish…1000+ :-TU

I do endorse the idea :-TU

I think this is a good idea as well :-TU
Maybe include the ability to continue after the powersaver turns off the screen for those of us who do not use sleep modes


yes, thats cool addition but i think not so important

sure not so important but rather simple to implement and going to be loved by many users


This has been raised with the devs previously and I think it is an idea with enormous merit.

Given that there are numerous bits of malware that prevent users starting certain executables (typically AVs or malware removal utilities), having a screensaver that could could perform security tasks may give us an entry vector against the malware. I am yet to find a piece of exe-crippling malware that prevents SCR files from being invoked.

IMHO, the ideal combination would be to combine a Comodo branded screensaver with CCE/Killswitch, so thast CCE or Killswitch could be invoked from within the screensaver.

Having the screensaver run a background scan would be a nice extra.

Ewen :slight_smile: