Anti Virus Scanning never ends

I am running Anti-Virus scanning on my Laptop, after scanning over 522322 objects the scanning appears to never end (scanning of more than 12 hours!).

What is going on?

I am running version 4.1.150349.920

The scanning on previous versions did end. How do I fix this?

That’s a known problem. If you feel like helping Comodo follow How to determine which file is causing a manual AV scan to hang and report it as a bug in the bug report board.

But, you could also consider to wait for v5 to arrive today, September 14, and see how it behaves. When you see it stall again please consider submitting it as a bug.

Edit: corrected broken link. BF

Thank you, if it is already a known bug, then I’ll wait for v5, and report the bug if it persists.

Makes total sense.

I have a similar problem with v5, I am running 5.0.162636.1135, now the product just hangs.

Please follow what I wrote in the above:

apologies, but the link that you supplied is not available. In the meantime, I did report the bug.;msg425170#msg425170

Try this link above…something got shuffled.


OK, I’ve used the Process Explorer. I am seeing more than 11,000 entries in the C:\Windows\Temp directory with the {some number} format.

These came together with the scanner.


where do I put this?