Anti virus scanner bug?? still not fixed with latest .477 version

Win xp home sp2 32 bit
CIS latest version .477 with lates Virus db 998
no other security apps

Hi I thought I would try a virus scan of my other com again now this latest version has come out. Unfortunately for me I still have the same problem as before with the other version.
My scanner just sticks on C:WINDOWS\system32\drivers\pci.sys…I left it scanning for about 30 mins and it didn’t move off this file. The duration counter is still counting and the magnifying glass is still spinning around as if the scanner is still active but I’m sure it doesn’t take that long to scan one particular file. Also if I pause the scan from there and then click stop, both the pause and scan buttons grey out and I am unable to get rid of the scanning screen. If I click on the X to try to get rid of the screen I just keep getting the other pop up window saying are you sure you want to stop the scanning. If I click yes or no it makes no difference, all it does is close that window. The only way to get rid of the scanning window is to power off the system.
Any suggestions?? and is anybody else still having this problem??

Any idea’s??

Same thing is happening to me!

Have you tried this?;msg260251#msg260251

Looks like this issue may be fixed:

...we fixed the issue


I have expirienced the same.

Win XP SP3 x32
CIS 3.9.954 (from update, not fresh install)
Administrator account

I’m not sure if it hung on a single file, I just desided to Stop the scan.
1.Run MyComputer Scan
2.Running for 5 mins
3. Press Pause
4. Press Stop
5. Yes
6. Window Doesn’t close
Only the stop button remains
7. Press ‘X’
8. Yes
9. Window Doesn’t close

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