Anti-virus [Resolved]

I have just bought a new Computer and running Windows Xp media center on setting it up I installed Comodo Firewall (No problems) also installed Verification Engine (No problems) went to install Comodo Anti-virus the New pc freezes up and I have to start over I have done this three times HELP I have installed this for other people on there pc’s with no problems. Geordie
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What version of the antivirus is it?


I think it was the Beta 1.1 it say’s it’s not compatible with 9X system (not sure what this means)

The latest CAVS is available here. (as of 12th Feb. 2007)

This has fixed a number of issues like what you mentioned.


PS. Remember this, like version 1.1 is a beta product.

Thanks for all your help Comodo is great and I convert everyone I know to this product and will continue to do so. Thanks Geordie
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You are welcome. :wink:

I’ll mark your post resolved and lock it for others to view.