Anti-Virus Programs

I am running Win XP SP3. I have been having a really hard time with my hard drive being slow to load programs. I recently saw a statement in Windows help file which said that you should not run more than one anti-virus program on XP. That it would cause slow response time. I have both Comodo Internet Security and Vir IT Explorer Lite on my hard drive. I also have Comodo Registry Cleaner installed, I use it frequently. I have both Anti-Virus programs because each seems to catch different things when I run them. I do not keep both active at the same time. I only use the Vir IT program to scan. I turn off the Comodo program when I am using the Vir It to scan. I keep the Comodo loaded as my everyday Virus program. The Vir IT programs says that it is compatable with other Anti-Virus software and will not cause a problem. What do you think? Is it a mistake to have both programs on the hard drive at the same time?

If I understand you correctly there is only one program active and not two a given time. That’s shouldn’t be a problem.

In the past I have had AVG and Norton AV programs work together side by side. There are other combinations that don’t get along well. But since you are on a challenged hard drive please make sure to only have one active for background monitoring and one on for on demand.