Anti-Virus Problem

Don’t know if I’m in the correct sub-forum. If I’m not perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.
My Anti-Virus had been at the ‘being updated right now’ stage for several hours until I clicked on ‘More’ and then ‘Check For Updates.’ It then went back to normal ‘Stateful’ mode. However, anytime I try to run a scan a new window appears which says ‘Update Failed - Anti-Virus Engine Is Not Initialized.’
How do I solve this ?
And just as I was typing this the Anti-Virus has went back to ‘being updated right now.’

Hi Wallace1297,
Does More, Diagnostics report any errors?

Also in More, About what product version and Database version do you have?

I assume that your talking about CAV. Maybe a setting got messed with in update under prefferences. If not. Maybe a more experienced person can help you fix it.