anti virus not initialized.

Windows 7 pro 1.5 mg memory.
cis free 4.0.141842
data base …0 ??

For the last few week I have been getting a warning about the anti virus not being initialized. The program has crashed many times and bugs reports have been sent in.
Then it came good and was working ok. Now it is back to not being initialized again.
I again have the “a complete computer scan need to be done” back.
The following are from the bug reports sent in may be they will help.


The program asked me to send you this crash report.
Not knowing if this information is in the zip I am adding it here.
Version 4.0.141842.858 Free.
Virus database cave 4876.

It was in the middle of updating this it had been downloaded and was being installed to the cav file. The computer crashed and a restart was needed.
The program has tried to update many times but it never happens mostly it crashes the computer before it is finished.
I have replace the cav file in safe mode naming the one there to old ect.
The virus scanner is inoperative as in turned off. I have tried to start it with the computer action centre but it refuses to start.

I hope you can figger out what is wrong.
When you do would you mind sending me information on how to fix it please

One other thing there is a folder in comodo named repair. I have not noticed it before but to be honest I have not been looking for a folder called repair.
Is it meant to be there or is it part of the crash report or the problem?
If you want me to I can zip it and send it as well.


Crashed while doing a manual scan.
It just wont do a schedule scan at all.


Crashed again on applying updates and while in the middle of a manual scan of all drives…
I am unable to get a schedule scan to run at all it just wont fire up.
Even though I have run a manual scan on the disks one at a time (the only way I can get it to complete a scan) I still have the message that a complete computer scan needs to be done.
Updates have not succeeded and the last one was on Monday 25 around 5 am.

To be honest I am getting sick of all the problems and debating if I should just delete it and go else were

Just for those who are interested I have it working again.

Deleted the program using your uninstaller 2010 pro in super mode.
This found 140 keys left behind after comodo had run its own uninstaller.
Run reg first aid platinum in admin mode. This removed another 7 keys.
Then reinstalled the program and updated the cav file.
Every thing is now working as it should be.
No longer crashes on a scan.
Will run scheduled scans.
Will update.
and the virus data base is turned on.

LOL By the way the two suggestions about this in FAQ did not work.