Anti Virus Market Share - North America

Check this out…show the Anti Virus Market in North America


The OEM strategy of Symantec…
The only continent that the paid antivirus has the leadership.
Things will change, even in America.
They don’t discover the power of free :slight_smile:

Hi Melih. Doesn’t pre installed products play a big part in market share, IMO I don’t think it means preferred look at IE for example. Kind regards.

by December I want to see comodo above 5%

You know whats coming :wink:

Does anyone know the statistics for Australia? I been spreading the word as much as I can. From your Aussie relative. Thanks and Kind regards to everyone.

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Damn, all these comparative stats will soon be redundant. :wink: :smiley: >:-D

Enough teasing :slight_smile: tell us now ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that common users have been teased enough just yet. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

How do they come up with that chart? No-one asked me what I use.
I don’t know what people see with Norton. Some think Norton is god’s gift on earth.
In my A+ class we talked about Norton and how “deep” Norton wants to control things in the underlying OS. That if you want to uninstall it you may as well just reload the OS fresh. Anyway interesting chart for what it’s worth. And that’s another thing many of these companies been around for a while you would think they would have things down pat and have stellar perfect products by now. :frowning:

Norton is a very, very good product.

CIS is a very, very good product.

There is no such thing as perfect software. Ever. Anywhere.

In December, Santa Melih. No I don’t want a bike.

geez, I tried to search what was DACS, but I couldn’t find anything ^^;
Wikipedia doesn’t seem to help…

Or is it related to that?

Nope. LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: >:-D

I remember an ad campaign years ago, everywhere you went there were posters saying ‘White Rain is Coming’. It turned out to be a new shampoo but had everyone wondering.

DACS is coming! pass the word.

Are we able to find it or is it an acronym you invented? :slight_smile:

its Lord DACS actually :wink:

He should put his shirt on ^^;

I also found this, but I don’t see how it’s related to CIS…
It could mean, ressource access is automatically denied based on rules? (sounds like the sandbox)

Sometimes we hate to be (or to be considered) common users.

What is dacs? :wink: