Anti Virus Location

I must be stupid. Where on the main panel is the anti virus? Isn’t CIS V6.1.2… just a firewall?

Hi Philbo,
Have you got Comodo Internet Security Installed or just the Firewall?

If not sure, right click the tray icon and see if the Antivirus component is listed.

You can add/remove the Antivirus component by selecting Add and Remove Components from the Comodo folder in Windows start menu.
Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components

I do have CIS installed and did find it. Just curious when it updates the AV portion. I am also running AVG 2013 and was advised to uninstall it as Comodo is running an anti virus. What is your take on that? Also, The AV scan has to be manually invoked in CIS and cannot do a scheduled scan.

It is always recommended not to run two real time Antivirus programs, such as AVG and Comodo Antivirus.

Antivirus settings can be found under the security tab in the advanced settings and schedules are possible by double clicking on a scan profile to enter options and schedule settings.
Advanced Settings
Creating an Antivirus Scanning Schedule

Updates settings and frequency are also found under the Advanced settings.

Thank you. I have just installed the newer CIS premium and am doing a setup. I did find the scheduling section. Now downloading updated signatures. After alll is done I will uninstall the AVG.

You are welcome, I do hope everything runs correctly with not removing AVG first.
All the best to you. :slight_smile: