Anti-Virus kills computer

I know I have some viruses (15+) and whenever I scan. It will scan. But it will stop on a random file (Not really stop but kinda like a freeze) and I can’t click anything. After awhile of being in this state it makes it so you cannot open programs (such as Task Manager) and although the scanner says its running it will continue to stay on that one file. Also, all currently running programs become un-responsive. The pause and cancel buttons also do nothing. Thus, I am forced to restart my computer. Help?

Can you tell us what file the scanner gets stuck on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its a random file every time. It stops on the file that its scanning when this error occurs

How about the amount of time the scan has been running, before it freezes? Is that random too, or is it similar each time?

Also, what other security software are you running, if any?

This is an odd bug…

I’m using the computer scan when this occurs

Random time everytime. No other security software

Are the files the scanner freezes on all located in the same folder?


There are lots of threads about this problem. We are waiting for some news from the developers.