anti-virus issues

I see in the main window that there are 4 detected threats. I click on the number 4 and it opens a window that says anti-virus events and there is just a blank page, there is no log. Logs are enabled. The same is true for firewall and defense, shows number of events but no logs, nothing to show what happened or when.

In the log window, right-click somewhere in the white area and click “Entire period”, did that fix it?

No. In fact, the only log entries I am ever able to see are on the tasks tab, where it always shows the exact same thing: three entries saying old log file reached size limit and was deleted, right above the daily antivirus update. Defense + has a ton of log entries that are pretty useless to me as they just show what files I allowed, and configuration changes has equally useless log entries pertaining to defense + trusted files added, while antivirus and firewall are still completely blank. I really need the ability to configure what to show in which logs and can’t find this anyplace. Do I need to increase the size of the log??