Anti virus is omitted

Hi everybody,

I had comodo firewall version with built in anti virus but when i upgrade to version 3.8.64739.471 antivirus is omitted.
Why anti virus is disappear and how can i return it?

Thanks for your answer,

as far as I know the first version which came with antivirus built-in was 3.5. But, never mind.
To get the antivirus you need to uninstall CIS and install it once again. Make sure you tick antivirus as well as firewall to get the full package.
You can also go to Control Panel → Add/Remove. Now localise CIS and click Uninstall/Modify. You will be greeted by a window (Comodo Internet Security Configuration Wizard). Now tick Add/Remove and press ‘next’ and add the antivirus module.
I am almost 100% sure the second option will work, although I have never tried it personally.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: If you chose the first option this is where you can download CIS installation file from:

i think the OP once had CFP (with virus scanner), not CIS.

@sibil: pls download the latest version :slight_smile: