Anti virus is missing from GUI

Anti virus is missing from GUI. I can right click a file or drive and scan it but there is no “tab” in the main window that shows the summary, firewall, defense+,and misc. but no anti virus.


Well i acctualy did get the same problem, but i first noticed it about 1 hour after i had installed it and where going through the settings. I was like, WHAT? Where is the Antivirus Tab?

So I did uninstall CIS deleted all registry entires, installed a fresh installation again and after the second install the Antivirus tab was in the GUI.

Good-luck. Though, if this doesn’t work please report again.

Cheers, J_G

Before I started messing around in the registry I went to the start menu/Comodo/install upgrade and checked the anti virus radio button. That was yesterday, did nothing. Today I checked antivirus and firewall buttons and it worked. I can now customize my scans and schedules. Thanks for the input. (:NRD)