ANTI VIRUS engine will not initialize. ERROR:0X800705aa

Same problem cant scan.sometimes restarting fixes this .OTHER soft used AD-aware,all windows security says all systems runnin. What other anti virus works with comodo firewall or do i just shitcan all the comodo software and find something else thats full of its own problems that probably wont work great either.ummmm decisions…i quiiitttttt. burnin all of it!!! f it alllllllllllllllllllll

Did you try without the AdAware?
Heard of conflicts?


Cyrus, welcome to the Forum.
It sounds like you have a corrupt file. This sometimes happens when installing with another AV active on your computer.
Uninstall CIS (you may have to clean your registries), and uninstall your AV software.
Reboot, and do a clean install of CIS. At this point you should be able to re-install your AV software (don’t forget to disable CIS’ AV if you plan on including it with the install).

It’s actually recommended to disable any AV software when installing anything. Some installers aren’t very graceful with an AV trying to stick its fingers into every file the installer is trying to install.