Anti Virus (Desktop Security Software) Tests : What do you want to see in them?

Do you want them to tell you about the security software’s:

1)Ability to detect known malware: just to see if your pc is infected

2)Ability to remove detected malware: so that you can clean your pc

3)Ability to Prevent known or unknown malware from infecting your pc: so that you keep your pc clean and free of viruses/malware.

Thank you for taking part.


Choice#:3 Prevention 1st above all! :-TU :-TU
The rest thereafter is only an exercise for CIS
+1 8)

3, 2, and 1 in that order.

Same here.

I didn’t vote… It isn’t exactly what I would like…

I would like to see static and dynamic testing +removal.

I’m interested in the whole package… not just one aspect.

I voted a “3” but also posted that the test should all be run, but in the order 3 then 2 then 1.

I voted 3 but it would be more power pack combination if 3 is supported by 1 & 2


I think the poll is a bit shortsighted.

Shouldn’t a comprehensive suite be competent in all of these areas?

Sure, the emphasis should be on prevention, but if something does get through, I’d sure like whatever I’m using to be able to detect the infection and clean it from my system.

So I’d actually be interested in seeing tests that show all of the options, but if we can’t think broad and must specialize, I’d have to go with what others have already stated. 3-2-1 in order of importance to me.

Yeh, After all it’s about layered security. I’d be interested how each layer performs individually.

If 3 is good enough, then 1 and 2 are not necessary. But unless you can guarantee a 100% clean system before 3 is in place, then 1 and 2 are very necessary indeed. For me the vote is.
1,2 and 3 are equally important.


Just looked… at ths time 268 views have been on this thread, only 16 votes…

Need more poll options I think :slight_smile:

Exactly. :-TU

I’ll leave that up to the poll maker (Melih)

Not sure, but are guests, who can’t vote, counted in the views also ?


Yep. It’s a well known fact that you can spin public opinion in directions that aren’t entirely accurate by a biased poll.

When confronted with a poll such as this, human nature is to simply pick the most correct answer instead of refraining from voting. This of course only skews the results.

You end up seeing things like: (This is an extreme example, but hopefully you get the point)

How often do you use your computer?
Once a week.
Once a month.
Once a year.

Then the results will be published stating that 95% of computer users only use their computer once a week! Once a week is definitely the closest answer, but it really isn’t an accurate representation of actual use.

So yes, I haven’t voted because none of the options meet my actual preference. Basically, this poll says: You are only interested in this one thing and nothing else, right?

Did you know that AV comparitive Tests usually does 1 and even that in a totally non realistic way as they use non-live malware?

So what people want to see which is 3…
What AV comparitive like tests offer is half 1…

Yet people think these tests give them 3…


All of them should be excercised, but first and foremost, prevention (number 3) is better than the cure.


I tried your AV (free version) and uninstalled it after doing a AV test.

I saved a fake virus on my computer and Comodo did not react untill I opened the fake virus.

I installed another AV and I tried the same test, as soon as I finished saving it the AV warned me of the virus (fake).

I prefer something that prevents such threats then stumbiling on a virus and opening it then suffering.

i voted for “3”

Comodo uses memory scanning technology. If that file that you downloaded had tried to run itself Comodo would have caught it immediately. The file itself would not be able to harm your computer.

4)Ability to Prevent known or unknown malware from infecting your pc
+ Ability to remove malware completely from your infected PC:
so that you keep your pc clean and free of viruses/malware.