Anti Virus Database Updater Not Working AGAIN


11.45 a.m. UK BST. Once again the Anti Virus Database updater is malfunctioning in the UK. Usual window opening stating “Failed to update” etc.

Last Updater failure reported on 17th August.

Can a Comodo Tech confirm that there is a problem with the Updater?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem today?


Same here again! It’s not just Comodo AV. It is all Comodo products.


I only have CIS installed so didn’t know that all Comodo products were malfunctioning. I’m a non techie PC user, can you tell me what other Comodo products are useful to have?

Logged in at 07.45 a.m. UK BST and am pleased to report that the Anti Virus Database Updater is working again.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials is good to have just in case. Also I use Comodo Dragon and IceDragon browser. Yeah same here. I hope they won’t have such issues in version 6.