Anti-virus comparison test of current anti-malware products, March 2008

I found this while surfing around. A’s and B’s across the board for my NOD32. Also Avira.

Err… yeah, Norton and McAfee running such great results ???


I see “C’s” in Norton and McAfee so I am not sure what you mean.

Something’s fishy. Norton , Eset, and Mcaffee don’t have proactive protection at all, as far as I know they only have heuristics. And Trend Micro such a high rate. Trend Micro has never been known of having high detection. Still It seems this year the praise on all sites goes to Avira. For the last 2 year it was Kaspersky here kaspersky there. The king of detection. I think sometimes antivirus tests organizations are paid to give the first prize to a vendor. Same way magazines always say Mcaffee and Norton are the best always. Smart Computing magazines gives the crown to Mcafee and Pc magazine gives the crown to Norton.

It’s the same March 11 2008 VirusBulletin Vett ;D

I don’t Comm I just found it thats all. KAV and NOD32 are always around the same. Avira is usually #1 but only the PE edition and not the free. People seem to forget that. If Avira would fix and address the umbrella not opening issues I would use it. I found 6 posts with the same problem.

H! Vettetech

where is our CAVS 2.0?

lets have a glass of TANDUAY :■■■■

CAVS is beta therefore not tests since its not official.


OKAY. Thanks!