Anti Virus blocking some commands in news, browse, mail

The problem I am running into, Is that comodo blocks the mouse signal from being transmitted to javascript email sites, such as hotmail & earthlink. Also stops some mail & news applications from running - detecting these as being malware oriented - NOT. Also does same for media organizers - NOT. With media organizers, they have to access the HDD partitions the files are stored on, and they use javascript to do so. The aV says possible malware and tries to close application. It looks very much like I will not be able to use any antimalware applications since this is the case.

Comodo Internet security has been removed. I’ll just have to make use of online malware scanners.

Too bad you removed CIS before asking for help. We might have been able to help you with it.

My first thought with these symptoms is:

  1. The heuristics setting was set to High; that make CIS awfully chatty.