Anti virus beta 1.1

Love the idea of the Comodo antivirus free version although it always crashed my email client when sending and receiving. Outlook 2007 BR2, in addition the system slowed right down and required many re boots. These problems went when I removed Comodo AV free - I replaced with AVG and all was ok again. (both PC and laptop)

Are these prob lems known and will they be addressed in the full version? I did add the banner for AV to my website along with the link, but have removed it for the time being.

I look forward to using the product again once these issues have been addressed


hi Peter

Majority of the bugs have already been addressed in the latest beta (pls check the beta corner). There are few more left but we are working our way thru them.
So pls bear with us another few weeks so that we can give you a stable AV that not only detects but “prevents” malware!


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