Anti Trojan Test - test your Comodo Boclean!

Here is a nice utility to simulate a trojan.


Yes, use EICAR test file for antiviruses and trojan simulator for tools like BoClean which do not scan files like antiviruses do.


Tested and ■■■■! Gone with BoClean. All of these tests just reassure me that my system will be safe with BoClean and Comodo.

Thank you!

Not really. These tests just prove that program is indeed working. How effective they work, well thats another story. For all, not just Comodo.

Well they couldn’t even make it to my desktop… (:SAD) Avast blocked them all the way! (:AGY) Anyay, I have tested it using some other trojan simulator on a virtual PC, BOClean works! (:CLP)

Same here…
Tried the Trojan simulator but Avast wouldn’t even let me download it let alone run it!
Top marks to Avast. :slight_smile:

I already know about this file some years ago, and it’s nice to see if some program, that already have a signature for it, can scan the memory and detect it…

But this doesn’t mean that the program is good or not.
It’s just a test…

Tis True (:CLP)
Avast Pro stopped it before even getting to ‘Desktop’
And COMODO BoClean and CPF…well I’ve tested both many times… ZZapoe!!! (:KWL)

yes old file and NOD32 would not let me touch it
deleted before I could test it… :BNC

Problems : see here: