Anti Theft not working?

Hi, I lost my phone last night (Samsung Galaxy SIII)
I have text the codes locate#mypassword several times but have yet to receive any messages or e-mail, am I doing something wrong?

Do you have enough money to allow your phone to answer with the SMS message?

I do my phone is bill pay, so I can’t imagine that’s the problem

Have you tried any other command? Have you tried to call it? Maybe your phone is turned off 88)

At the moment it does seem to be turned off
But I did try other codes last night while it was on, to no avail

I have SGSIII, Android 4.1.2 and everything is fine ???
Have you sent the ‘lock’ command? If so, please hope that someone who will find the phone will call your buddy number. Watch your buddy number for SIM change alert messages as well.