Anti-Theft device activates SMS msgs to 'buddy' even though no change of SIM

My friend who is my ‘buddy’ in the event of the theft and SIM change to my android Samsung Galaxy S2 has been receiving text alerts about the possible ‘theft’ of my phone several times over the past two weeks, even though the SIM has NOT been changed by me even once!
It is making the anti-theft device USELESS now since he (my ‘buddy’) now simply deletes the messages. There is clearly a bug in the CMS anti-theft device software.

:frowning: which version of CMS you are using?

maybe your sim card is going bad. Uninstall cmodo and install again, if problem persists time for a new sim card.

I am using Version V1.4.252863.8. The SIM card is less than 3 months old and has only ever been taken out of the phone once in that time.
I will attempt an uninstall/reinstall.

Thanks for your replies.

Absolutely no change. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app from a fresh download. And still the anti-theft device activates texts every week to 10 days - from my own number - saying my phone may have been stolen and the sim changed.
This pretty new SIM card I have, has only ever been taken out of this device once in the 3.5 months I have had it.
This fault in the CMS app utilities has rendered the anti-theft device useless.


I also have a Samsung Galaxy SII and my friend also told me yesterday that she has received 1 text alert from my phone.
(This week end, my phone run out of battery, then at the reboot, it seems to have sent this SMS).

CMS version 1.4.252863.8


It happened many times. Every times my SGSII runs out of battery, at the reboot it sends a message alert to my buddy.

It started with CMS version 1.4.252863.8
Now I have CMS version 1.5.256740.9, but it still happens.

Any idea ?

MarkTrent & Grosbébé you’re not alone!

This is a major bug in Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) and I have exactly the same problem, it’s nothing to do with ‘faulty SIMs’ (:AGY) It happens when you reboot your phone, which is what I always do whenever I get any Google app updates. I thought I had a virus on my mobile but I eventually traced it back to CMS. Every time I rebooted, CMS would send an anti-theft SMS to my brothers’ mobile, but he didn’t bother to tell me (don’t ask). This happened nearly everyday over a number of weeks and each Anti-Theft SMS was equal to four normal SMS messages, so, to date, it has cost me approximately £9 in SMS messages. I just didn’t expect Comodo Mobile Security to be classed as a type of ‘malware’! Also, when you enter a ‘buddy’ number you can’t get rid of it; the same thing happens with the email settings, bad design! The only way to get around this problem is to turn off the Anti-Theft feature altogether. If you enter a dummy ‘buddy’ mobile number, such as, 00000 1213 456, under Anti-Theft Settings you would still get charged for an SMS even though the number doesn’t exist, I think! This is because you can’t turn off individual Anti-Theft features, again, down to bad design.

I’ve used Comodo for years on many computers and it’s generally very good, but for Comodo not to find a bug like this during testing is just plain bad.

I don’t want to lose any more money so I have decided to uninstall CMS, pity.

Hello Soulrebel

MarkTrent & Grosbébé you're not alone!
Thank you for your post ;)

I use CMS for a very long time and this “bug” appears suddenly (after trying to uninstall CMS remotely and successfully did it).
With this “bug”, the anti-theft feature becomes useless …

Switching to another security app ? Wait and see.

For Dual SIM Android Phone, inserting the second SIM make the Anti-Theft send SMS from the first registered SIM card.

Anti-Theft Anti-theft function offers the location of the device, even if the SIM-card is changed. I now use Avast had there Anti-Theft you can actually see my device location on Google maps Locator map and here is where you can have a look

I also have experienced the same problem. The notification is sent to my buddy even though I didn’t change the SIM card. I am using the latest CMS.

I’ve also now had this issue. It may be related to if you have sim lock enabled on your phone. Can anyone confirm?

I experience the same issue, power the phone off and on again and the buddy gets a SMS. I do not have sim lock enabled.