Hi Melih,

I would just like to enquire, when you propose to have your anti-spyware up and running,
As your CPF + CAV have been a Doddle to use, with no problems at all, if you dont count
Windows, turning a blind eye to CAV, but that was simple to fix.

By the way as a Novice, when it comes to computers, how do you solve the problem of
Keeping your products simple for beginners, and having more and more add ons, for
the Tekkies out there, who seem to want their every wish, put into your software.

Once again, Thank you for a very good product, and keep on keeping it Free + Easy.


Spyware signatures and definitions are being built into the current release of CAVS (Comodo Anti Virus and Spyware). CAVS2 (due next month) will have an additional focus on prevention, as well as improved detection and removal.

If it can’t get in, it can’t be a problem.

ewen :slight_smile:

hi Bromide

sometime in Oct we will have a new version that has HIPS built in which will offer decent protection against any known or unknown threats.

There are two different aspects, one is simply install and runs and the other is if you want to get under the hood and start tuning things you will all the toys to play with. So it is possible to make it as easy as possible while still allowing more advanced features.