Anti-Spyware [resolved]

:frowning: >:(
Hi Melih,

    I just want to let you know, i had to reinstall Windows XP, and having installed your Firewall 
     again with no problems i then tried your anti-virus, and after about eight attemps to get the
    activation code to be accepted, i gave up and downloaded another anti-virus from your site,
   and guess what, there is no way it will accept this one either, so i will uninstall yet again and
   use someone elses program for antivirus.
   This is all rather embarrassing having previously praised your progs, and even recommended 
    them to friends, i just hope they dont have the same problems or i will be lynched.


Hi bromide,

Just a question, did you ask for help in the forums yet? Many are willing to help you solve issues here.
There is also a support ticket you can put in. If you would like me or others to try and help, please post back.



:frowning: >:( Hello Melih,

        Just to let you Know i downloaded a third activation code from your site, but still
         no joy, i got fed up and i am now using Clam Anti-Virus, which is incorparated
        with Spyware- terminator, and to perfectly honest it seems to be working a
        dream.   Famous last words . ahem !.

         Paul as for your offer of help, much appreciated, but i will just see how good a job           (:
         clam does for the moment, thanks anyway, by the way very Bonney looking bairn.

       I will no doubt try CAVS a bit later on, hopefully i can get it up and working and
        ready to kill again,and lets hope your CAVS becomes the biggest mass murderer
       on the web.

  Hi Paul,

   Thanks for the offer, but i managed at long last to get the activation code accepted,although
    to be honest Spyware- Terminator + Clam antivirus seemed to be doing a very good job of it.
   I will keep using Terminator but without the clam, It said it would be back and it is.
   And by the way Paul your little trick with a toilet Brush didnt seem to do much good,
   but i have certainly got a cleaner machine.

   Its nice to know there are still people prepared to help and do the christian thing,
    and i dont mean feeding them to the Lions, as im on a learning curve with the web
   and computing, you can really be left wondering what planet your on, when reading 
  two techies writing to each other.

   Once again thanks for the offer Paul.

  Bromide                    (:AGL) :D

Good to hear. you are very welcome.