:cry: Hello Melih

   I have just Tried to install your Anti-Spam Prog but with no joy, apparently part of the
    code is either an I or 1,  Having tried both, to no effect, i uninstalled it, more than likely
   its my fault and i will try again later.
  I told a friend whos Mcafee suite is running out about Comodo, and he is very interested
   in the I Vault and safe sites progs, as he does a lot of buying online, so no doubt you
      will have another soldier joining your march for World Domination.

  p.s   Do any of your users know of a Antispyware prog called: Spyware terminator and is it 
           any good.



I don’t completely understand your problem, is it the activation code? if so I can easily get you a working one. As for your friend trying i-Vault, it’s an excellent program for what it does!

As for the Spyware Terminator program made by Crawler, I have indeed heard of it, and it seems to be ok, it was rated highly on SnapFiles by the editors and users seem to like it as well.