Anti Spam Reporting in error [Solved]

The problem of using the (report as spam function) has over the last few days stopped working I get the error message screen which say’s The spam reported has not succeeded for some reason, please try again later, nothing changes later it still does not work anymore?

I use Windows XP Home service pack 3, Comodo Firewall Pro 3 obviuosly, Comodo Boclean and Comodo Memory Firewall all are the latest free versions all fully updated; and
AVG 8 free, all of these programs have all run happily together for months doing their respected jobs with no errors up until now.

I have put a ticket in for it in the last few days and sent a screen print of this error message at supports request have not got any anwers yet?

See attached for screen print of error message

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Thebest2:

  It seems you SMTP server denied the spam report email. Your SMTP may take it as another spam. Many SMTP servers have their own anti-spam filter. And they may take e-mail sending frequency as an indicator of spam. If you reported spam frequently, they may block you email temporarily.