For 64 bits systems.

Comodo AntiVirus :slight_smile:
Comodo Internet Security
or comodo’s Defense+…


No, a scanner.
Like the one from Sophos.

As Jacob says CIS already covers rootkits.

Separate anti-rootkits scanners are usually offered by vendors that either don’t offer a free AV, or whose free version doesn’t include anti-rootkit protection, which is found in the paid version only. CIS is free and protects (with a multi-layered approach) from any kind of malware, including rootkits.

one of the reason why some vendors seperate out their products is to maximise what they charge the customer/user.

we have the luxury of not needing to do that :slight_smile:


comodo antivirus/spyware will cover all root kits that comodo know of, no need to move rootkit definitions from CAVS and do a separate scanner for just that! :smiley: :smiley:

And the D+ module “can” stop most if not all root kits from installing in the first place.