Hiya… Just a quick question about phishing re the following comment from Computer Shopper Newsletter article about increased Phishing Activity.

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Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 12:49 pm Post subject: phishing attacks

Because phishing attacks work mainly because the user only has to be either ignorrant or stupid or both there isn’t a firewall or anti-virus software that deal with it automatically. Actually the New Scientist was talking about how current firewalls would be useless as hackers are now adding code onto web sites themselves or getting bots to do it (like the ones that google uses but obviously these aren’t harmful) and as this code is quite discret its difficult to notice. This code is not blocked as the firewall clears the browser for access. The new coding added is usually malware or some other form of threat to the PC. There are some ideas on how to stop it but they are not well developed yet

Does CPF already spot these sort of things?


Nope! They figure that is the job of the browser. Browsers like FireFox and Opera block scripts of all sorts from running. FF has a plugin called NoScript that gives a high level of control over what gets to run and what doesn’t.

CFP’s protection comes in from the standpoint that it will let you know if something tries to get back out in a way that is not allowed or suspicious. Then the user can start digging for whatever it was that their AV didn’t catch…


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thats why we have Verification Engine

Phishing happens because we can’t verify the website… Verification Engine does verify the website hence foil phishing attempts!