Anti.Msa.dll.01 - a threat? or a false positive?

Hi. I just installed Comodo Firewall 3 (the free version) and ran a first scan. It found one threat, listed as follows:

Status: Anti.Msa.dll.01(ID=0xf7db)
Location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\msa.dll

I tried searching the internet to be sure this file is indeed a threat before deleting it and couldn’t really find anything about this being harmful. Yet, I definitely could be wrong. My knowledge about these things is minimal.

Can someone knowledgeable please tell me if this is in fact a threat that should be deleted, or a false positive?

Many thanks!

I would assume it is a false positive, since there are many reported from the current CFP3 scanner prototype, unless you can confirm it with another known on demand virus scanner. You can use the avast! online scanner at if you don’t have a favorite.

What version of Nero is this dll associated with.Could you have a look at the version number and size.I`ve just checked mine and its v and is 239kb
Also upload it to for a scan.


mine is associated with v. (I’m running v
checked with, no threats were found.

Its Ahead which is Nero so yes its a false positive.

okay. thanx people.