Anti Malware/Trojan programs with Comodo

My question is if I am running the full Comodo Internet Security Suite with ant virus activated should I also be running an anti malware/trojan program in real time with it as well. And if so, any suggestions as to which program would be best to run with Comodo. Makes me wonder also because BoClean is supposed to be part of the new Commodo security program. Thanks in advance.

No, you don’t have to run another program. Cis will protect you against all forms of malware, including trojan’s. What you can do is run a on-demand scanner like every 2 weeks, superantispyware and malwarebytes are realy good for that

Ok. I have those two already and run manual scans with each periodically. Was wondering about another program with real time protection like windows defender etc… Thanks for the response.