I was at the OA forum (Online Armor forum) I realized what OA has available. It seems the only difference between free and paid OA firwall is the paid version makes use of anti-keyloging. If you read the forums there, it seems that’s it’s the only reason why people even pay for the OA Firewall (paid Edition)

You can easily blow that competition from OA firewall away by having anti-keylogging techniques for comodo OR IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT, then make it more well known to the people that comodo has it and is equally as good or better.

Like comodo’s model “Creating Trust Online”
I would trust online even more to the point that I would shop online (Without having to worry about some crook stealing my credit info, recording my passwords, or personal identy on a infected computer that I didn’t know about

Just an idea only (maybe base a program similar to this
A program called keyscrambler from

KeyScrambler encrypts keystrokes at the kernel driver level to defeat known and unknown keyloggers

Anyway, thank you for your time reading this (B)

D+ covers this.

By checking “Keyboard” in D+ settings, D+ monitors your keyboard for access attempts. Malicious software, known as ‘key loggers’, can record every stroke you make on your keyboard and can be used to steal your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data. With this setting checked, Comodo Internet Security Pro will alert you every time an application attempts to establish direct access to your keyboard."


wow, thanks for the info i didn’t realize that. I think alot more people would download this if it markets(hypes it up) it anti-keyloggers better <----so people will know right off hand that keyloggesr don’t work on computers with comodo firewall

You guys kick a$$ :Beer

In order to enable keylogging and other advanced D+ features be sure to switch to Comodo Proactive Security config soon after you installed CIS.

You can right-click on CIS tary icon and select Comodo Proactive Security form the Configuration Menu entry