Anti Exploit & Zero Day Shield

does comodo v7 have any features like antiexploit or exploit shield & any zero day shield like that present in ESET 7 & KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2014 , both ESET & KASPERSKY have features like antiexploit & ZETA SHIELD to prevent & block any types of new & sophisticated exploit attacks & zero day malware & intrusion attacks , if comodo v7 beta havn’t got important features like antiexploit or zero day shield then will it be included in the final stable release of comodo v7 series of products because these security features are of great importance & use in modern day security softwares

I would like to see something along the lines of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, with its two layers of protection it looks really good for protecting against exploits, through running a browser in a sandbox or virtual desktop will achieve pretty much same thing and will also contain any malicious actions, but I guess there’s many people including inexperienced computer users who are not able to use a sandbox or virtual desktop, many might even forget to use them, while other users may become alienated from these technologies because they do not understand how to use them and even afraid to use them in case they make a mistake, so some sort of additional exploit protection would be great for these users, could be added to CIS shellcode protection to extend its abilities :slight_smile:

I have always thought Comodo should have exploit protection, especially with the current threat’s that emerge on a daily basis. I run Malwarebytes Pro alongside Comodo, but I wish (as you said) Kaspersky with their Zeta shield - which is very powerful. Zeta shield was just used for business user(s) but is now used in KIS 2014 etc.,

Melih - is Comodo going to add exploit protection???

I thought the auto-sandbox would block some exploits. Not sure though.

CIS already have an exploit protection using different pathways from a buffer-overflow protection to a more specific techniques. But with the full DD protection using sandbox & HIPS you really already protected on it’s own. So it don’t need anything else. Version 7 is even better with viruscope now.

What does DD mean?

Default Deny Protection

Thanks. Don’t know how I forgot. 88)