this is Nothing bad, I was just wondering if you could create something that Wipes everything that Relates to comodo, reg keys, left over folders and files, …and other things…

How did I think of this?

Well from being a beta tester for comodo RC and other ver. I have been having some problems with Getting Comodo Of these Computers…so I decided to finally Speak out (not on drugs)

… (R)

Could this be related to an “uninstaller” That cleans up left over files, folder, regkeys when uninstalling any of Comodo’s product?

For example: Comodo Firewall Pro 3, leaves over ALOT of Regs and files left behind. I like the idea of an uninstaller anyway… :wink:

There’s instructions about how to uninstall CFP 3 here, but I guess I could put together a batch file or something that removes all the files and registry entries :stuck_out_tongue:


While the actual complaint goes to beta software I believe and there is some excuse not to have a first class uninstaller for beta software, Comodo may deserve a poor grade on the general issue of incompatibility between releases. While many of the problems with the new releases are that users have not “correctly” uninstalled other products, Comodo needs to take responsibility for its own “other” products.

I read the post you linked and that is a ridiculous amount of work to uninstall in preparation for a new release. It makes Comodo almost as bad as NOrton or Zone Alarm in terms of uninstall procedure (vbg). We don’t want that!!!

At this point, I echo the opinion stated above that Comodo needs to provide an installation package that explicitly warns of known conflicts and provides help with installation, including uninstall of previous Comodo products.

I say this from the point fo view of trying to have the widest number of users possible make the switch to Comodo. As it is my recommendation to people is to avoid the new version 3 unless youare a sophisticated user with experience trouble shooting cnflicts. Comodo technical excellence in development of a fine piece of software has not quite been matched by good judgment about user friendly release of CFP3.

u should lol,

Actually I did now, but seems like gibran already made an uninstaller for the BETA version (why am I always so late to do something good?).



mind if you send it to me Radwing?

and does this batch you made work for CFP 3.0+ all versions?


Does it make a difference to the amount of left-overs if “Protect own registry-settings”
is enabled when you run the un-installer ?

ragwing send one to me plz

Not quite sure, but it shouldn’t, since Comodo is shutdown. Don’t know how CFP 2.4 handles that process, but in CFP 3 it’s handled by the HIPS.

Mind if your computer crashes?
If no, I’ll PM you it.

Omg, I only have one, I got to copy it (:SHY)

It works for all CFP 3 final versions (to be honest, I’m not sure if it works at all). Multi-language support (I guess lol). And what’s even better? Works for both XP and Vista (I think lol)! Also, CFP 3 must be installed on the same HDD as Windows for it to work.
Well, if you want to be nice to me, could you please uninstall CFP 3, make a System Restore(or use some other software) and try if this batch file works?

I’ve sent it to you now. If you run in, tell me about your experience with it.


i think what he wants is a full uninstaller where it get rid off all the traces of comodo in his system completely

That’s exactly what my batch file is made for :wink:


Though it’s not free (unfortunately), try Advanced Unistaller Pro. :-TU

Just a suggestion.

Zsoft uninstaller is a very good program if you use it before you install a program.

It can takes an image of your computer before you install
and then takes an image after the install.
compares the 2 images and saves the difference between the 2 images.

When you then uninstall, all changes made in the installation, will be changed back, to how they where before you installed.

installations these days install so much ■■■■ you don’t even know about.
the way i look at it, you will never get ALL of an app out once you uninstall it. there will always be leftover reg keys and files. even with using an uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller

the “comodo wiper”!