Anti-Bug System For CIS

How about adding a Anti-Bug system for both COMODO Software & the PC?

What do you mean by anti-bug?

If CIS get’s a bug, It will stop it dead in it’s tracks.

If the computer get’s a bug CIS will stop it before it does harm.

Same with PC software.

maybe you should say what u mean by bug

Like what COMODO’s Beta Software get’s sometimes. (Like a software bug/errors) If I’m not mistaking, bug’s cause error’s.

ok just wanted to make sure i know what you meant but this request is impossible to create.

I would tend to agree with wasgij6 on this one.

sorry eddie like what they said it is impossible

though the only nearest and posible way to have that is an auto report and program update feature (after its fix)

just to say software bugs can be mistakes in programming or logic and or unexpected behavior of a program

When CIS crashes it, it creates a dmp file that give the developers the necessary info to fix it. Sometime the diagnosis tools can fix a bug or a problem