Anti-Bookmarks thieft


As you all may know, Skype is stealing all Bookmarks from Firefox and sending them to their company.
This is unacceptable from me.

Could you help me to setup Comodo to Block Skype to steal Bookmarks ?
I will make a video to show it too once i get it.

Thanks :P0l

No one can help about this issue ? 88)

Had no idea Skype was doing that.

Anyway you could try adding the Firefox Favorites directory to my protected files.
Then Going to each rule for Skype exe’s and blocking the Firefox Favorites…

Sorry for not being exact, but im busy. :frowning:

Seems the mods are away a bit more now a days.

I am not aware of this. Is there any evidence/casestudy ? Where one can find this info?

How to find out if bookmarks were sent to Skype? Because if we don`t know this we are unable to tell whether Comodo prevented this from happening.