anti arp spoofing blocks connection

i contacted cupport.they said: change to pro active security,but does not work.tried all 3 modes.if i unclick anti arp i have internet conncection.if clicked just gmail.

i installed now lot of times,it is the 3rd time this year 2015 i tried.i have win 8.1

(you can also answer in german)

I would try flushing your arp cache, you may have already had it poisoned. Leave the anti arp spoofing box checked (so your newly cleared arp cache isn’t immediately poisoned) and then open an elevated command prompt and enter the command “netsh int ip delete arpcache” (without the quotes). See whether that helps?

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How are you connecting to the Internet? What connection are you using? Are you behind a router?

thanks,i tried now the “netsh int ip delete arpcache” as admin, it said “ok” bit still no connecton except gmail. probably thats the answer? (facebook worked,wikipedia,yahoo mail worked,any other like some newswebsites,tiberium allicances,amazon,etc did not the most does not)

yes i use a router (wlan).

my fireall configuration is on “pro active security” cause after a submitted ticket they said i shall do that. but no effect.

resinstalled win8.1 today. same problem again,no change.

When the ARP logs show the same IP address in a line then there is nothing going on. When you get two different IP address in a line then there is something happening at your local network.

where is the arp log?

do you mean i should rewrite the ip adress or delete one?
i cant believe that this is just my problem,i tried so many times.

im sure the solution must be in association with the gmail webseite which works and others not,this is cause of the encoding of the website (is it ssl2 ?)

sure it also could be something at the global rules and there is too much possible as that i would just try anything where i dont know what that means, plus if you just allow the connections there is perobably no usage of the anti arp.

I have a bug report for this, still not solved. I do not know it is bug or the problem is related with my connection
Selecting “Enable Anti-ARP spoofing” Blocks Entire Internet [M1219]

ive read the conversations of your post yigido one reply tells that it is possible that the router is permanently under attack.i tried anti arp, a software which detects and provides ip adresses etc of attackers,ports,etc and i got just in few hours thousands of warnings.

probably the hackers use the connection itself,but not secured connections with ssl2 (or whatever websites like gmail use) thatswhy anti arp would have to block the connections.

I meant the logging for ARP traffic in the firewall logs. Sorry for not explaining myself more clearly.

Can you reach other sites that use https like or the https login page of your bank?

yahoo after some seconds too.
ebay not ,just primary website of a bank but it took a time to load,no links from there,amazon to load not even the half of the website took about 30 seconds.

sometimes they just need a minute to load and give up(network timeout) but if they would have 2 minutes it would work.