ANSWERED: D+ Trusted Software Vendors - Why So Many In My List?

Recently upgraded to v3.8.64739.471 from v3.5.57173.439.
I just noticed that my trusted software vendor list has, besides Comodo, about 12 others. I believe I added one of them.
According to the documentation I’ve read (mostly the help), vendors should not get added to the list unless I cause them to be added.

Is this a new feature of v3.8? That is, it has a predefined list of trusted vendors?


You can see some discussions on this topic here.;msg248741#msg248741

The main intention is to help curtail the pop ups to increase usability. You will not get alerts for programs digitally signed by those safe vendors. You are free to delete any vendor, if you wish so, (except Comodo) from the list. However, delete it one by one i.e. delete one vendor apply it open it again and delete.