Another update problem. Now it's CIS 3.10

When I try to update clean installed CIS 3.10 it always download ~12 Mb then ask me to restart system in order to take effect. But after restarting it does not take effect and download 12 MB again

Same here, I think.
I ve done clean install (i guess, uninstall old CIS, cleaning REG, rebooting, installing CIS 3.10xxx), because online update won ´t work (error 108).
Everythyng running fine for a day.
I got message that a update of CIS (not AV-Signature) is available, now. Is is an update to CIS which is already installed…

By the way, your CIS Release date is still in the future 7 July … (today 4 July)

After second reboot, i got no more update message, now

I did not clean registry. Maybe it is the reason

Today I loged in Admin-Mode and got update-message again.

Confusing me!
My Version is: 3.10.102194.530
update Version seems to be: 3.10.101801.529

Update wants to downgrade?

There is a new update please read here.

[attachment deleted by admin]

THX a lot! :-TU

so only the link to the release notes should be fixed.

update done, running fine so far :slight_smile:

Hi all,

i’ve just done a fresh installation on my Windows Box.

Installation is Version 3.10.102363.531

I get the “30% error”

The update is running until it reaches 30% and then it stops. I’ve read the other thread, that there is a huge 40 MB Update. But i’ve downloaded this version today, it was around 70MB, download time was 15 Minutes.

So i can’t believe, that a simple update of Virus definitions took several hours.

Any ideas?

There were no other virus scanner installed, it is a fresh Windows installation.

I am afraid it is true though. Just give it some time. If the problem is still there 6 hrs from now please bump this topic again.


thanks for your quick response.

But i’m sorry, this is a ‘no go’ for me.

I don’t buy a dual core machine with 4 GB RAM and Windows 64bit to wait more than 6 hours for updating the virus database.
Usually i don’t let my PC run 6 hours or more. So this would be an infinity update process.

Do you know anything about the reasons for this?

Thanks Uwe

Do you have other security programs running in the background that might interfere?